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Careers – Junior Web Developer

Careers – Junior Web Developer

Competitive Edge Digital is a Larnaca based digital company who is looking to hire a full-time junior developer able to efficiently fulfil assigned tasks independently on set timelines, and also willing to learn new skills throughout his/her employment experience. This person should be able to work independently but also coordinate with other team members according to project development work-flow.

All candidates must be residents in the Republic of Cyprus.

Basic Skills & Requirements:

Knowledge with web-application development using PHP and JavaScript.
Knowledge with consuming web services using PHP and JavaScript (SOAP, REST)
Knowledge in working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for front-end development.
Knowledge in working with relational database management systems (primarily MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
Comfortable working with Linux server operating systems (primarily Ubuntu, Debian and RedHat based distributions)
Fluency in English and Greek
Any of the following optional skills would be considered an advantage:

University degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent.
Advanced experience database design in PostgreSQL and working with JSONb.
Experience with (core) Java and/or .Net Core.
Experience with RESTful API development Java and/or .Net Core.
Experience with PHP frameworks such as Lavarel, Symphony, CodeIgniter etc.
Experience with eCommerce platforms such as WordPress WooCommerce, Magento.

Attractive salary aligned with your skills and experience
Year End Bonus based on performance
Flexible working hours
Remote work some days per week
21 days annual paid holidays

Friendly and relaxed working environment

To apply, please fill the following application form.



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